Can I just ask the universe to send me more Weddings like this? Thank you.
Where the bridesmaid is a labrador, there is hardly a shoe in sight, the bride does her own makeup and can’t stop swishing her dress because she possibly feels and genuinely looks like a mystical ethereal nymph. Where there light is 50 shades of glorious and the whole thing is basically an elopement with just a handful of guests who are all up for a chat with me on an empty South Coast beach. Where the Wedding location isn’t confirmed until the week of the Wedding and animals are mentioned more in the vows than possibly each other. This was basically the kind of Wedding that I was born to shoot, and if you’re planning a day like this… you know who to call :).

Dress: Daniel Learmont Couture; Cake: Andy Bowdy; Celebrant Belinda Minns; Food: Buffet by Bonnie; Suit: MJBale

South Coast Beach Wedding

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