Stacey and Felix

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I’m running out of words to describe these days. Not due to lack of meaning. But because it all sounds cliche. Beautiful people, perfect days, hearts open, arms outstretched.

One thing I can tell you without a doubt about this day. Is that there is something special and unique sharing a day with a collection of people who have devoted themselves to creative arts.

I feel that is a beautiful, difficult and healthy life devotion, or submission rather. And these people always seem content with who they are and certain of who they love. The way they plan their Weddings and the tribe they surround themselves with seem like such a natural expression of their authentic selves.

I pondered a while ago – is a Wedding a slight show, an extension of our ego, a facade? This day reminded me that no, they are an opportunity to creatively celebrate your selves and your love. And that expression just seems to be a little more fluid for these naturally brave, creative souls.





Kiri + Steve

Kiri + Steve

We had exactly 18 minutes for the photoshoot this day. It rained for each and every one of those minutes. And some of the images from those minutes are now amongst my all time faves.

I’m also just putting it out there that surely not very many could rock a black Wedding gown with leather detail and a black lace cape. But when your bride is basically a rockstar and style kweeeen, well…. you make your 18 minutes count.

I hope you two legends love these images as much as I do. x

A South Coast Country Wedding

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Amy and Ragnar
2 people meeting against the odds, both freakishly good at being awesome. Getting married in a way that reflects only them. Not tradition or expectation.
And one day that was beyond great in its love and uniqueness.
I think I cried more in this ceremony than any other, and that was in the Icelandic parts. Sometimes it’s just hard not to get caught up in the beauty of it all.
Venue: Bhundoo Bush Cottages
Flowers: Wabi by Kyla Stone

Bawley Point – Trash The Dress Shoot

Any bride who is willing to get out in the rain, let their dress drag on the ground or get their feet in the water is a legend in my book. I guess this makes Katy a… super-legend?!

Katy and Luke jumped off a really high jetty- the Bawley Point Gantry for their ‘trash the dress shoot’ the day after their Wedding last week- and I got to have a swim while working so I think we’re all winners.

Pretty much in awe of this awesome force.


Bawley Point Wedding – Bel+Tom

It’s been a long time between blog posts, mainly because a new website is underway and lots of new loveliness almost ready to show you.

But the brief for this day was to focus on the people. And I liked that. I had such a nice sense of who this beautiful couple (and family was) that I wanted to share more than a few Facebook previews, hoping that you might get a feel for this lovely day too!

All held at Bawley Bush Retreat, this is Belinda and Tom (and Ferg).


Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-1

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-2

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-3

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-4

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-5

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-6

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-7

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-8

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-9

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-10

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-11

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-12

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-13

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-14

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-15

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-16

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-17

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-18

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-19

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-20

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-21

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-22

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-23

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-24

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-25

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-26

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-27

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-28

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-29

Bawley Point Wedding Photographer-30

Ross + Melanie

Ross + Melanie

Ross + Melanie’s Wedding was a whole lot of foxy wonderfulness. It featured in an 8 page spread in the fabulous Vintage Bride Magazine.south-coast-wedding-photographer-3south-coast-wedding-photographer-5south-coast-wedding-photographer-9south-coast-wedding-photographer-13south-coast-wedding-photographer-2south-coast-wedding-photographer-12south-coast-wedding-photographer-11south-coast-wedding-photographer-6south-coast-wedding-photographer-10south-coast-wedding-photographer-16south-coast-wedding-photographer-8south-coast-wedding-photographer-200south-coast-wedding-photographer-15south-coast-wedding-photographer-7south-coast-wedding-photographer-4south-coast-wedding-photographer-20south-coast-wedding-photographer-19south-coast-wedding-photographer-18south-coast-wedding-photographer-17south-coast-wedding-photographer-21south-coast-wedding-photographer-26south-coast-wedding-photographer-24south-coast-wedding-photographer-22south-coast-wedding-photographer-201south-coast-wedding-photographer-26south-coast-wedding-photographer-42south-coast-wedding-photographer-202south-coast-wedding-photographer-31south-coast-wedding-photographer-28south-coast-wedding-photographer-32south-coast-wedding-photographer-35south-coast-wedding-photographer-29south-coast-wedding-photographer-36south-coast-wedding-photographer-37south-coast-wedding-photographer-39south-coast-wedding-photographer-40south-coast-wedding-photographer-41south-coast-wedding-photographer-61south-coast-wedding-photographer-69south-coast-wedding-photographer-70south-coast-wedding-photographer-44south-coast-wedding-photographer-64south-coast-wedding-photographer-67south-coast-wedding-photographer-65south-coast-wedding-photographer-59south-coast-wedding-photographer-46south-coast-wedding-photographer-57south-coast-wedding-photographer-58south-coast-wedding-photographer-55south-coast-wedding-photographer-54south-coast-wedding-photographer-53south-coast-wedding-photographer-66south-coast-wedding-photographer-203south-coast-wedding-photographer-45south-coast-wedding-photographer-76south-coast-wedding-photographer-74south-coast-wedding-photographer-96south-coast-wedding-photographer-73south-coast-wedding-photographer-204south-coast-wedding-photographer-72south-coast-wedding-photographer-99south-coast-wedding-photographer-98south-coast-wedding-photographer-95south-coast-wedding-photographer-94south-coast-wedding-photographer-93south-coast-wedding-photographer-100south-coast-wedding-photographer-92south-coast-wedding-photographer-205south-coast-wedding-photographer-91south-coast-wedding-photographer-112south-coast-wedding-photographer-79south-coast-wedding-photographer-88south-coast-wedding-photographer-89south-coast-wedding-photographer-87south-coast-wedding-photographer-86south-coast-wedding-photographer-111south-coast-wedding-photographer-108south-coast-wedding-photographer-107south-coast-wedding-photographer-106south-coast-wedding-photographer-105south-coast-wedding-photographer-102south-coast-wedding-photographer-101south-coast-wedding-photographer-103south-coast-wedding-photographer-104south-coast-wedding-photographer-116south-coast-wedding-photographer-120south-coast-wedding-photographer-125south-coast-wedding-photographer-132south-coast-wedding-photographer-131south-coast-wedding-photographer-134south-coast-wedding-photographer-133south-coast-wedding-photographer-130south-coast-wedding-photographer-128south-coast-wedding-photographer-127south-coast-wedding-photographer-113south-coast-wedding-photographer-115south-coast-wedding-photographer-118south-coast-wedding-photographer-117south-coast-wedding-photographer-129south-coast-wedding-photographer-135south-coast-wedding-photographer-124

Wedding – Bowral, Southern Highlands NSW

Wedding – Bowral, Southern Highlands NSW

Anna and Ben invited me to Bowral in the Southern Highlands to capture their Wedding day.

As Maria said in The Sound of Music – in their youth, they must have done something good. Two genuine and gentle souls – one in Germany and one in Australia managed to beat the odds, find each other and then make it official in the most beautiful place on the kind of day that all couples dream of.

Thank you for asking me to tell the story of your day, Anna and Ben. It really was a special one.

This Wedding was hosted at the stunning Milton Park Country House in Bowral and Anna became a truly stunning bride when she put on this gown created by Daniel Learmont Couture.

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography075

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography081

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography044

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography040


Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography079

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography080

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography041

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography054

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography059

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography043

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography042

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography063

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography068

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography058

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography053

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography074


Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography069

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography047

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography048

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography


Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography076

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography045

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography056

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography078

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography060


Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography073

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography050

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography072

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography077

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography083

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography062

Milton House Bowral by Petal Photography

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography064

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography066

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography065

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography084

Milton House Bowral Wedding Petal Photography082

Michelle + Tom

Lauren and Ryan

I met Lauren and Ryan in Batemans Bay for their Engagement Portrait. With this sunset light and Batemans’ pastel drenched textures, it was a heavenly shoot.

Batemans Bay Engagement-39

Batemans Bay Engagement-43

Batemans Bay Engagement-10

Batemans Bay Engagement-11

Batemans Bay Engagement-12

Batemans Bay Engagement-13

Batemans Bay Engagement-41

Batemans Bay Engagement-42

Batemans Bay Engagement-6

Batemans Bay Engagement-7

Batemans Bay Engagement-4

Batemans Bay Engagement-18

Batemans Bay Engagement-16

Batemans Bay Engagement-38

Batemans Bay Engagement-35

Batemans Bay Engagement-34

Batemans Bay Engagement-31

Batemans Bay Engagement-30

Batemans Bay Engagement-28

Batemans Bay Engagement-9

Batemans Bay Engagement-15

Batemans Bay Engagement-25

Batemans Bay Engagement-24

Batemans Bay Engagement-23

Batemans Bay Engagement-22

Batemans Bay Engagement-20