Baby Lola – South Coast Family Photography

I met these two when I photographed their Wedding 2 years ago. Perhaps it was our love (or obsession, call it what you will) of dogs, or perhaps it was our fondness of inappropriate jokes… and airborne cakes… either way, I’m so happy to today call this beautiful lady a friend as we venture on the journey of mama-hood together. Their tiny friend, Baby Lola is quite obviously and ridiculously the most beautiful being to ever grace this universe, (for reals) so this family session was no hard task.

As Petal Photography grows – in the evolving rather than expanding¬†sense, this is the direction I would like to take my work. As much as I would always love to photograph Weddings, I’m so fascinated with capturing people in their day to day lives. I’m genuinely excited to see how my work might develop with this new intrigue, a tiny spark (that was born when my daughter Daisy was) to explore the relationships people have and the littlest of moments in their lives. As this is somewhat new territory, or at least not my comfort zone, I really hope you like these images.